All IMTA past presidents who maintain membership and regularly attend board meetings are lifetime voting members as a part of the Presidents Advisory Committee and serve to provide information, continuity and support to the entire body of the IMTA board.

Current IMTA Local Association Presidents have IMTA Board voting privileges. We request their presence at all board meetings as a representative of the local association and their members.

IMTA Officer's Handbook 2018

IMTA Official Bylaws

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Cyndie Caruth, NCTM

President Elect:
Linda Benson

Second Vice-President, Membership Chair:
Julie Bond

First Vice-President, Auditions Chair:
Allison Chenoweth

Third Vice-President, Local Associations Chair:
Dr. Sharon Jensen, NCTM

Carroll Caruth

Recording Secretary:
Sherri Lauritsen

Immediate Past President:
Dr. Jason Sifford, NCTM

Collegiate Member at Large:
Dr. Nicholas Roth, NCTM

Independent Member at Large:
Sarah Robinson


Foundation Chair:
Dr. Charles Schmidt

Festivals Chair:
Rachel McCoy, NCTM

Collegiate Chapters Chair/IMTA Collegiate Faculty Forum:
Dr. Marian Lee, NCTM

Mentoring Chair:
Joan Hopkins, NCTM

Technology Chair:
Dr. Janci Bronson, NCTM

Archivist/Historian/Iowa MTNA State Chair:
Diane Smith, NCTM

Ethical Concerns:
Doris Swanson, NCTM

Theory Chair:
Jeanette Hinkeldey

Certification Chair:
Linda Allebach

Scholarship Auditions:
Dr. Ted Reuter

Commissioning Chair:
Dr. Richard Steinbach

IMTA Repertoire Chair:
Dr. Suzanne Torkelson, NCTM

IMTA Magazine Editor:
Sherri Nicholson, NCTM

IMTA Advertising Sales Editor:
Amy Jo Wrobel

Webmaster/Information Chair:
Amber Riggenbach

Donita McCoy

Ethical Concerns Committee:(Chair) Doris Swanson, Donita McCoy, Cheryl Corbett

IMTA/MTNA Awards Committee: Past President, Current President & President-Elect Jason Sifford (Chair), Cyndie Caruth, Linda Benson