Congratulations to all our fine students and their teachers who were competitors in the Iowa MTNA performance competitions. The last issue of IMT listed the winners, alternates and honorable mentions of the Iowa state competition. The winners went on to compete at the West Central Division competition. West Central is comprised of eight states surrounding Iowa: North Dakota, South Dakota, Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Minnesota and Iowa. All levels of the competitions were virtual this year.

We are very proud because we had several division winners. Winner in the junior woodwind competition was Lucy Gannon, flute. Her teacher is Leslie Marrs.Winner in the senior string competition was Katya Moeller, violin and her teacher is Almita Vamos. Winner in the senior voice competition was Delaney Downs, mezzo-soprano. Her teacher is Leanne Freeman-Miller. The senior woodwind winner was Anthea Cheng, flute and her teacher is Kimberly Helton. Young artist voice was won by Lauren Carroll, soprano who is a student of Leeann Freeman-Miller. The young artist woodwind competition was won by Jae-Hyun Ryoo, saxophone who studies with Kenneth Tse. All of these students played so well and represented Iowa very well at the division competition.

Two Iowa students received honors at the national MTNA competition. Delaney Downs placed 3rd in the senior voice competition and Lauren Carroll was the national winner in the young artist voice competition.


Junior Piano
Winner: Lucy Gannon, piano-Teacher, Mei Hsuan Huang
Alternate: Helen Mao, piano- Teacher, Mei Hsuan Huang
Honorable Mention: Kento Sugiyama, piano- Teacher, Felin Lin Murray
Honorable Mention: Angela Evers, piano-Teacher, Cyndie Caruth
Honorable Mention: Chloe Liang, piano-Teacher, Cyndie Caruth
Honorable Mention: Raychie Chen, piano- Teacher, Nai-Ying Lao

Junior String
Winner: Bianca Garciano, Violin - Teacher, Julie Henson
Alternate: Minerva Cao, Violin - Teacher, Julie Henson
Junior Woodwind
Winner: Lucy Gannon, Flute - Teacher, Leslie Marrs
Alternate: Zoe Zhang, Flute- Teacher, Kimberly Helton

Senior Piano
Winner: Jonathan Chen, Piano - Teacher, Feilin Lin Murray
Alternate: Ne Dassanayake, Piano - Teacher,  Larisa Kanevski/Mei-Hsuan Huang
Honorable Mention: Ana Yam, Piano - Teacher, Suzanne Torkelson
Honorable Mention: James Gates, Piano- Teacher Rich Steinbach

Senior String
Winner: Katya Moeller, Violin - Teacher, Almita Vamos
Alternate: Campbell Helton, Violin, Julie Henson

Senior Voice
Winner: Delaney Downs, Mezzo Soprano - Teacher, Leanne Freeman-Miller
Alternate: Carson Breon, Tenor-  Teacher, Aaron Fitzgerald

Senior Woodwind
Representative: Anthea Chang, Flute- Teacher, Kimberley Helton

Young Artist Piano
Winner: Madeline Anderson, Piano - Teacher, Ksenia Nosikova
Alternate: Bowen Liu, Piano - Teacher, Ksenia Nosikova
Young Artist Voice
Winner: Lauren Carroll, Soprano- Teacher, Leanne Freeman-Miller
Alternate: Molly McConough, Soprano- Teacher, Leanne Freeman-Miller
Winner: Hailey Gutowski, Soprano- Teacher, Leanne Freeman-Miller
Winner: Sarah Rolsales, Soprano- Teacher, Leanne Freeman-Miller
Winner: Halle Fish, Soprano- Teacher, Leanne Freeman-Miller

Young Artist Woodwind
Winner: Jae-Ryun Ryoo, Saxophone - Teacher, Kenneth Tse
Alternate: Matthew Nicholson, Saxophone - Teacher, Kenneth Tse



Junior Piano
Winner: Duy Duong, Piano - Teacher, Cyndie Caruth
Alternate: Lucy Gannon, Piano - Teacher, Larisa Kanevski
Honorable Mention: Kento Sugiyama, Piano - Teacher, Felin Lin Murray
Honorable Mention: Helen Mao, Piano - Teacher, Larisa Kanevski

Junior String
Winner: Lucy Gannon, Violin - Teacher, Borivoj Martinic Jercic
Alternate: Angelina Chen, Violin - Teacher, Julie Henson

Junior Woodwind
Representative: Lucy Gannon, Flute - Teacher, Leslie Marrs

Senior Piano
Winner: Oliver Chen, Piano - Teacher, Larisa Kanevski
Alternate: Jonathan Chen, Piano - Teacher, Feilin Lin Murray
Honorable Mention: Ne Dassanayake, Piano - Teacher, Larisa Kanevski

Senior String
Representative: Katya Moeller, Violin - Teacher, Almita Vamos

Senior Piano Duet
Representatives: Yuer Zhu, Piano - Teacher, Larisa Kanevski
Adam Zhu, Piano - Teacher, Larisa Kanevski

Young Artist Piano
Winner: Matthew Bourland, Piano - Teacher, Mei-Hsuan Huang
Algernate: Joel Holm, Piano - Teacher, Mei-Hsuan Huang

Young Artist Woodwind
Winner: Sean Miller, Saxophone - Teacher, Kenneth Tse
Alternate: Jichen Zhang, Saxophone - Teacher, Kenneth Tse

Senior Composition
Representative: Sam Lee, Composition- Teacher, Pat Gwinnup

Junior Composition
Representative: Aharon Zingman, Composition - Teacher, Matthew Richard

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The MTNA National Student Competitions are the most successful and prestigious student competitions in the country. Each year, thousands of students compete for top prizes and national recognition.

The three-tiered competitions begin at the state round. First-place winner of the each state's competition advance to a division competition. Division winners compete in the national finals at the annual MTNA National Conference.

The purpose of the Music Teachers National Association Performance competitions is to provide educational experiences for students and teachers and to recognize exceptionally talented young artists and their teachers in their pursuit of musical excellence. The state competitions are considered the primary educational level with the division and national levels showcasing outstanding performance and honoring significant pedagogical achievement.

Competitions include Composition, Brass, Piano, String, Voice, Woodwind and Chamber Music (wind and strings).

In Fall 2017, MTNA launched the MTNA-Stecher and Horowitz Two Piano Competition for pianists ages 19-29. The MTNA Stecher and Horowitz Two Piano Competition differs from the MTNA student performance competitions because it consists of only two rounds: a Preliminary Round, by video submission only; and a Final Round, which takes place live at the MTNA National Conference. For more details click here.


MTNA Junior Coordinator: Sarah Robinson
MTNA Senior Coordinator: Rebecca Nichols
MTNA Young Artist Coordinator: Donita McCoy
MTNA Winds and Strings Chamber Music Coordinator: Donita McCoy
MTNA Composition Coordinator: Tina Chapman

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