Durbin-Zheng Scholarship Winner

$1000—Emma Cai (Kanevski)

IMTA/West Scholarship Recipients:

$500—Linda Peng (Dr. Torkelson)
$300—Ami Yam (Kanevski)
$100—Carly Broughten (Schubich)
$100—Tristen Perreault (Leier)

Scholarship registrations will open Spring 2019 to be held at Graceland University, Lamoni, Iowa on Sunday, June 2, 2019

Any graduating high school senior of any instrument may participate in the IMTA-West Scholarship Audition. Requirements include:

  • Senior planning to major or minor in music in the upcoming year.
  • Must study with an IMTA teacher on the audition instrument.
  • Two or more pieces in contrasting styles.
  • All music to be performed from memory.
  • Twelve (12) minute maximum playing time.
  • If a student performs more than twelve minutes, they will be cut off, but they will not in any way be penalized for a lengthier program.
  • Students wanting to perform on two different instruments must meet all requirements for each instrument and submit separate applications.
  • Additional Information and Clarification

    A student wanting to perform on two different instruments must a) register for both instruments, b) perform in two different 12 minute time periods. Rules 1-5 apply for each instrument.
    Students should provide their own accompanists. If this is impossible, contact the scholarship chair immediately.
    The scholarship pool is a $1000 minimum that is distributed at the discretion of the judge.

    IMTA Scholarship Chair

    Dr. Ted Reuter,

    2019 Scholarship Audition Form

    Registration Deadline: May 10, 2019

    (Must perform 2 or more pieces of contrasting styles)

    Please check one:

    Any failure on the part of the teacher, parent or student to comply with rules may result in disqualification . All contestants will perform early afternoon on Sunday of the IMTA conference. Submission of this form will be automatically sent to